About my work: 

I work in various art disciplines with a strong preference for working with clay. My work is characterized by a minimalist style, in terms of material, colour, shape and theme. Clay as a beautiful and fascinating material. As far as I am concerned, the clay only needs to be shaped and hardly or not at all processed. The pure clay is always visible in my work. I mainly work with black and extra white fired stoneware clay. I partially finish the black-fired clay with a transparent gloss glaze and I decorate the white-fired clay with a sintering black englobe (coloured clay slib). Both ways of working show a beautiful deep black colour after firing at 1220 degrees. I rotate the elements of ‘my still lifes’ on the pottery wheel and place them in different compositions in a wooden frame of black MDF. With my small installations, I want the viewer to become curious. In my opinion, the colour black arouses this curiosity.
With my abstract paintings, drawings, graphics and collages I bring the image back to its essence and want to evoke the same inquisitive look and through which precisely the bigger picture will be seen.
For all my work, the longer you look at it, the more you will experience the stillness.

About me:

In 1987 I graduated from the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven, Product Design department. After and during my working period as a product designer, my interest increasingly shifted towards the visual arts.
By experimenting a lot with different disciplines, materials, shapes and styles I have further researched and developed this interest. From all these years of experience, a vision has emerged what I want to convey with my work. The framework that I have drawn up helps me in my further development and keeps me sharp within my disciplines of ceramics, painting, drawings, graphics and collages to create a clear own style.
In 2010 I have chosen to focus entirely on visual arts and started exhibiting my work as a professional visual artist. 

Since 2018 I have been a member of the national artists’ association LKG De Ploegh
Affiliated with 0000artcollective since 2022